RCSI Translational Seed Funding (October 2022)

Project: ‘Utilising a 3D bioprinting model to dissect the impact of androgen excess on skeletal muscle energy metabolism in women with PCOS’

Awarded Amount: €49,865 (RCSI) and €84,519 funding in kind (Inventia)

Lead applicant Michael O’Reilly

Co-Lead applicant Marie McIlroy

HRB Knowledge Translation Award (September 2022)

Project: ‘Tip of the iceberg: highlighting the long term health consequences of polycystic ovary syndrome’

Awarded Amount: €53,148

Lead applicant Michael O’Reilly

Irish Endocrine Society Grant

Project: ‘Evaluation of androgen driven cancer cell entosis as a potential mechanism of endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer’

Awarded Amount: €14,932

Lead applicant Marie McIlroy